Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Gonvert V0.9.0-7

At first I thought Gonvert would be a simple conversion application that covers the general units. However it has a lot more, seriously A LOT MORE.
Here’s a long VERY LONG list of the different sections just to give you some idea as to how in-depth this application really is:

  1. Acceleration
  2. Angle
  3. Angular Velocity / Frequency
  4. Area
  5. Atomic Physics
  6. Computer Data
  7. Computer Data flow rate
  8. Computer Numbers
  9. Currency (uk)
  10. Current Loop
  11. Density
  12. Electrical Capacitance
  13. Electrical Charge
  14. Electrical Current
  15. Electrical Inductance
  16. Electrical Resistance & Conductance
  17. Electrical Voltage
  18. Electromagnetic Radiation
  19. Energy – Work
  20. Flow (dry)
  21. Flow (liquid)
  22. Force
  23. Fuel Consumption
  24. Illumination
  25. Length
  26. Luminance
  27. Luminous Flux
  28. Luminous Intensity (point sources)
  29. Magnetic Field Strength
  30. Magnetic Flux
  31. Magnetic Flux Density
  32. Magnetomotive Force
  33. Mass
  34. Musical notes
  35. Power
  36. Prefixes and Suffixes
  37. Pressure and Stress
  38. Radiation dose
  39. Radioactivity
  40. Shoe size
  41. Specific Heat
  42. Speed – Velocity
  43. Temperature
  44. Temperature difference
  45. Thermal conductance (area)
  46. Thermal conductance (linear)
  47. Thermal resistance
  48. Time
  49. Torque
  50. Viscosity (dynamic)
  51. Viscosity (kinematic)
  52. Volume and dry capacity
  53. Volume and liquid capacity 

That’s one hell of a list. Now each of these sections also includes every possible conversion unit. This is by far the most complex and in-depth conversion system I’ve ever seen. In terms of speed, this application runs without problems, it’s never glitched out or crashed.
I recommend you all go download and check this app out
I rate this application 5/5, definitely the ultimate physics tool.

Nokia N900 and the case of the best unboxing ever

We'll just come out and say it: this is so awesome. In fact, if you want to just take our word for it, skip the copy and head straight to the video after the break -- you really only need to watch the first four or so minutes... Still here? Alright then. The shiny cube comes straight from Espoo and houses a N900, but the only way to get into the box is to plug it into a computer, establish a link, and then type in the right terminal command to unlock the lid (spoiler: it's company motto "connecting people" -- how clever) in addition to -- poof -- smoke! (Our favorite part.) Given the technical prerequisites, our guess is this has something to do with Nokia's the hack-centric "Push" program, but really that's just a guess. Like we said, video after the break, and if you opt to watch past the first couple minutes, you'll get to see a plastic fox. Trust us.